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The transit has its influence at the time of joining a profession. Before judging the profession, it is necessary to judge the strength of the Lagna, Moon, and Sun, physical, mental, and intellectual abilities of the individual. The importance of strength and th disposition of lagna and 10 and their lords is not less. The importance of strength and disposition of Mercury and Jupiter should also be taken in account.

The planet in 10 house is more powerful than 10 lord.

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The nakshatra lord of the planet posited in 10 th th house is more important than the planet posited in 10 house. The nakshatra lord of 10 lord is more th th important than the 10 lord.

The planet posited in the nakshatra of lord of 10 lord has also bearing on profession. How to analyze the chart: The lagna and Lagnesh should be in strength otherwise all yoga become ineffective and also see the strength of Moon and her dispositor.. Locate the signs in trine one Tatva which contain the maximum number of planets.

The profession will be according to the Tatva of the planets. It is also to be seen from the Karaka as karaka for profession is th nd th Saturn. See the planets from Saturn in its trine, in 7 , 2 and The Karaka for education is Mercury. Look at the Jupiter and Rahu and Ketu for Self.

The planets in its trine are to determine the interest of the individual and his success in profession. One has to serve his family, society and country. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are watery sign, North direction and indicate Moksha and renunciation and un-attachment and unwillingness. The planet located in one direction results in one combination.

The retrograde planets have effect from the previous house also.

Astrological Inputs For Career in Finance

The exalted planet indicates High and planet in debilitation indicates small or low. The planet in his own house indicates high. Sun: Government service, minister, politician, doctor, chemist, professor, clerk, astrologer, agriculturist, or th a manager in a company, wool, and woolen clothe and herbs etc. He does mental work, if posited in If Sun is debilitated, the native work as clerk. Moon: Educationist, writer, sailor, nurse, business with material from water, clothe, medicine, ornaments, th agriculture and service to women. If Moon is posited in 10 , the native will serve the ordinary person.

The th native starts progress in work at the age of 24 or 43 years. If Moon is debilitated, the native is sick, poor, and unlucky Mars: Engineer, dealer in metal, chemist, scientists, police, excise, sports man, wrestler, surgeon, minerals, fire, fire arms, manufacturer of fire arms, motor parts, factory, lawyers, politicians etc.

The native starts progress in his profession at the age of 28, 58, year. If Mars is debilitated, the native has bad company, bad deeds, and bad habits. Mercury: Mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, writer, teacher, journalist, accountant, businessman, social worker, service, book seller, pundit, priest, publication, printing, orator, etc. The native starts his th profession at the age of 12 , 32nd, or 42 years. If Mercury is debilitated, the native is cruel, and enemy to relatives. Jupiter: religious, teacher, priest, judge, doctor, politician, statesman, gold, salt, elephant, hoarse, service th th to priest, clothe merchant, pundit, doctor, and professor etc.

The luck rises at the age of 16 , 34 , or 50th, If Jupiter is debilitated, the native is full of sorrow, poor, and jealous. Venus: Educationist, politician, painter, businessman in jewel, artist, poet, dance, drama, luxurious products, female using products, building furniture, decorator, etc.

The luck rises at the age of 25th, or nd 32 year. If Venus is debilitated, the native is without spouse, no character, and many relations with women. He gains fame among poor people. The luck rises at the age of 36, 42, 72, or 83 years. If Saturn is debilitated the native is poor and one eyed. Rahu: Chemist, doctor, engineer, politician, computer, iron, minerals, contractor, wooden work, clerk, etc. The luck rises at the age of 42 years. If Rahu is debilitated, the native is lazy, and angry Ketu: Secret service, criminals, terrorists, thefts.

It is flag indicates government service, small, hair like objects like wire, thread etc. The has no interest in his job and does not progress till the Ketu is strong and aspected by lord of the sign or lord of trine. The native does not cordial relations with father and gives trouble to his mother.

If Ketu is debilitated, the native is without support, no home to live in, does not like to work, and full of sorrow. The 6 house indicates the profession which the native have to do against his will for earning. Saturn is causative factor for career profession.

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But the experience indicates that Saturn is main Karaka for profession and next comes Mercury. Otherwise every planet can give profession according to his nature. Sun, Moon, Mars and Ketu are enemy of Saturn. Sun and Saturn are not major enemy. It only indicates misunderstanding as between father and Son. Saturn work and Moon mind combination indicates fluctuating mind or repetition, so enemy to each other. Saturn work and Mars egoism , a worker having ego will not be able to work so enemy.

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Any native having Saturn and Mars combination will change his career and will be able to overcome his enemy also. Aries: Activities, metals, machines, factories, engineering type of work, connected with central govt. He fights to finish. Profession requiring courage as army men, police men, sales men, surgeon are associated with the sign.

Finance Career Yogas For Aries

It is a fiery sign, so profession as trade union leader, politician, sports-men with a fighting spirit. Central government, stone, battle field etc, are also indicted. Taurus: Money or luxury, earning through soft or luxury goods. Profession concerning the sign is nd banking, financier, accountants, auditors etc.

It is know for doggishness and patience. Being 2 sign of zodiac, gives voice to sing sweetly.. The ruler being Venus as lord, gives artistic tendencies. The sign being earthy, is very practical by nature. Dealing in fruits, food grain is also indicated.. Gemini: Airy and intellectual sign. Stands for communication. Intellectual work, business, social or general activities. The profession like reading, writing, poetry, learning and auditing are indicated.

It represents intellectual profession rather than business tendencies. Gambling house, balcony. Cancer: It is a watery sign involving traveling, water, dairy, hotels, or liquid profession. It causes inconsistency of work and commitments and causes worries. It represents North direction, so preacher, teacher, nursing religious people etc are also indicted. It indicates nursing also. Leo: Royal sign indicating authority and power. Earning through government or administration or surgeon specially heart surgeon. This sign denotes sternness So administrator and executives are associated with this sign.

He is always sincere in his work. It represents government employee. Virgo: It is a commercial sign associated with business men. The business of all type such as intellectual, commercial, accountancy, trader, retailers, brokers etc fall under this sign. He is polite talker. Place of amusement. Place of learning.

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Ground where there in no stone, coins. Libra: It is balancing sign associated with banking, money and judiciary. Saturn the planet of justice gets exaltation in this sign. It is more outwardly sing than Taurus.