Toronto star horoscope january 19

You become more verbal and direct. Often, confusion surrounds the materialistic parts of your life. Clarify and confirm as much as you can. If single, you notice a tendency for you or others to be possessive.

Remain secure. You will be when the right person comes into your life. If attached, the two of you often agree, and you also agree to disagree. Caring soars this year.

Horoscope: January 19th - 20th

One-on-one relating is your strong suit. You manifest the capacity to walk in another person's shoes. As a result, you come up with workable solutions. This is good because you often come up with wonderful ideas that are not workable! Tonight: Dance the night away. You have been tested and challenged by people in your life. You might want to pull back and do some reflection before you come up with a practical idea. One-on-one relating proves to be unusually successful.

Tonight: Go along with a partner's idea.

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Others seek you out. You could have difficulty having an open discussion. You might be mulling over a special idea that could impact your personal life. Make sure you are ready for the ramifications. Tonight: Enjoy what is going down. You plunge into a project.

You remain focused and direct. Someone might seek you out to have an important chat. If you are not ready to sit down and have this talk right now, say so. Tonight: Let the party go on but recognize that you need to get up early. You are full of fun and action. You also have the endurance to complete what you must.

A partner has some wild ideas that seem impossible to you, yet they work for the other party. Tonight: Take a brief break. You have a lot to say and discuss. Even if another party pushed you to take a stand, you might not feel as authentic as you normally do. You could be surprised to feel off kilter.

Tonight: Share it with a favourite person. You might want to juggle even more than you already have on your plate. Someone you care about is in tune with your commitments and needs. Stay centred and say what you feel is important. Tonight: Others see you as more proactive than you truly are. This person often shares intense experiences with you. Tonight: Listen to great music. One-on-one relating draws a strong result when sharing news with a loved one. Your intuitive response could be to force this person to change his or her mind. Go with the flow.

Horoscope for Saturday, Oct. 26, 12222

Appreciate different impressions. Tonight: A close encounter. Your emotional tenor could be greatly impacted by a loved one's moods. Anger could be close to the surface without you realizing it. Give others space to work through their issues.

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Avoid a confrontation. Tonight: Go along with a suggestion. Pace yourself, recognizing that everyone has limits — like it or not. Anger comes up from nowhere, perhaps even when sharing a joke. Know that intense emotions are just below the surface. Tonight: Whatever you do, choose something relaxing. Give others the space to be moody and you'll create much more of what you want. Tonight: Play the night away. You sense pressure and moodiness below the surface when dealing with a family member. You will not believe another person's reaction if you say something that he or she deems hostile or disagreeable.

Think twice before you act.

Tonight: Play it low-key. You have a lot on your mind and have difficulty relating well to someone you really care about. Be honest with this person if you feel off or jumpy. Try to go for a lengthy walk or release stress with another preferred exercise. Tonight: Out at a favourite spot.

Be aware of the costs of continuing as you have. You could be inordinately tired or withdrawn. Take a day off from your daily grind, and indulge in some laziness. You will be a lot happier if you do. Tonight: Keep to your budget. Your personality could melt barriers, if you so choose. Help others come toward you and be more easygoing. If mulling over a problem or trying to avoid a power play, simply do not become part of it.

Tonight: Ask and you shall receive. You might choose to take the next few days off from your hectic schedule. You could be pleased by what comes up for you. You will want to do this type retreat a little more often. You can avoid a difficult situation by not getting involved.