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You should, therefore, try to avoid conflicts at this time and shoulder your responsibilities towards your family in a better manner.

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Circumstances related to attaining immoveable property may remain favorable but, it may be a mistake to do every possible thing just to gain wealth. You may need to be responsible towards your family, besides paying attention to business. Family and household members should be your first priority. You may avail better opportunities for progress during this month. In case you are working, circumstances for you being promoted to a higher rank or designation in the company may remain propitious.

If you are a Cancerian and a social figure, there may be an increase in your social respect and reputation. Near and dear ones will be taken good care of to live and breathe in a better society. There is a high probability of you buying a new home and vehicle during this month. Some auspicious events may also take place at home. Your relation with your parents may improve at this time, but you may remain concerned about their health.

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In case you are trying to make a stronger hold on politics, you may succeed in doing so. You may complete any academic-related course at this time. It may be better for you to try and stay away from unnecessary disputes and be responsible at your work. Circumstances related to your travelling abroad and married life may remain favorable this month.

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You may make better financial gains from a business perspective. Luck may even favor you more at this time.

Capricorn (Makara Rashi) FAQ

You may avail better opportunities for business gains. Try to avoid travelling unnecessarily. Stressful conditions and helter-skelter may also crop up during this month. Refrain from engaging yourself in any type of auspicious work on 1, 2, 10, 11, and 19 dates of October as losses are likely to occur. You may be able to avail better opportunities to make financial gains in the month of October Your aim to make monetary gain may take some time, since Venus is transiting in Virgo, along with Sun, but it will get fulfilled gradually.

Mars transiting in Virgo at this time even offers opportunities to make good business gains. There is possibility of Cancerians accomplishing better success in whatever task they undertake at this time. You may achieve financial success, in case you run a business. You may stumble upon chances to make financial investment, if you are working and this way future circumstances may become favorable. You may even invest in some property and also gain returns by investing in financial areas.

You may operate according to your need and capability. Prudence demands you to act in accordance with time and situation. You may attain better success this way and your goal to gain financially may fulfill in times to come. All your problems may get resolved. It may, therefore, be beneficial for you to act in a strategic manner. Your luck may favor you more with your business reaching bigger heights. You may have to face unnecessary health issues during October due to which you may suffer from financial loss.

It is better to remain cautious about your health. Treat your medical issue at the right time before it blows into something bigger.

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Exercise regularly and intake a proper diet. You can even visit a medical practitioner and take routine tests as and when advised.